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Restoration and Renovation Contractor in Hawaii

Renovate - Recycle - Restore


Restoration Terms


Rebuilding a structure with exactly the same lumber dimensions and using old materials where possible, making it as true to the original as possible. May involve removing materials from later periods to make the property look the way it did during a significant period of its history.


Restoring a home, but with more freedome to use new materials t omake a feature look historic, although on close examination it may not be the same as it was.


Preserving a historic building but using it for something other than its original use, such as converting camp houses to resort units or an old home into an office complex.

Home Restorers Put New Twist On Old
by Jan TenBruggencate, Honolulu Advertiser, April 12, 2003
A small cadre of Hawai'i folks specializes in recycling old buildings; shoring them, restoring them, and when necessary, moving them. Kikiaola Construction's Mike Faye shows off an old Kekaha Sugar Co. camp house he plans to renovate. Faye said he's been interested in remodeling old houses ...



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